Hurrah!!! I am bouncing in my chair, as I am writing this and I am happily grinning like an idiot. My dream is going to come true; we are ready to travel!

Yvonne and I are going to traipse for three months, mostly across rural China. In the middle of our trip, we’ll probably take 2-3 weeks off to rest from China in Southeast Asia, climb some rocks on a Thai beach and drop by Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

I want to write a blog about our trip. It will probably take me an hour or two a day, on average. Why will I bother with it?

Yvonne paints and draws things she likes – this is how she experiences and remembers the world around her. I couldn’t draw a straight line if my life depended on it. To create images, I use words rather than paint. Still, I will cheat a bit. I’ll supplement my stories with photographs, the better ones are invariably taken by Yvonne, of course, worse ones will be mine.

My blog will be mostly day-to-day rambling about the stuff we’ve done and experienced, heard and seen. Hopefully, I will write a few essays on some interesting topics that will come at us as we travel.

Unfortunately, the Chinese government blocks a few thousand websites including WordPress and Facebook, so my blogging will be a bit irregular. Oh well, there is nothing I can do about it, so please excuse my schedule and be more forgiving towards occasional gaps and lapses.


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